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Tao of Breath 2022 Online
For all attenders of Basics I Tao:

:  27 - 29th  October  2022
lace: Zoom platform ONLINE life broadcast.
Course fee  150
Recordings available for
3 months.
In course  fee is involved:

  • Methodology & Practice Tao of Breath

  • Sharing experiencies, Questions & Answears

  • Ebooklet Tao of Breath

  • 11 credited hours in passport signed by senior instructor Julius

Bonus How to generate Light body Merkabah.
Great metodhology of breathings technics in Tao excercises!

In the fall season, it is necessary to focus more time to the art of breathing.
The course is aimed at a deep immersion into the world of Breath.
Breathing is an important activity in the body and can influence all the processes within us. Oxygenated cells are the foundation of health. Science proves that non-oxygenated cells have no energy and can tend to start stealing energy from neighboring cells, and this is the basic program of a carcinogen.
Breath is an amazing tool for expanding consciousness, detoxifying the body, gaining energy and storing it. By conscious breathing we can dissolve stress, tension and gain control of the heart!
Participants will gain Taoist and state-of-the-art scientific knowledge about breathing, lung and kidney knowledge from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective and then learn to apply it
these topics:
Primordial embryonic respiration When normal breathing stops true breathing begins.
CO2 and O2 balance
Detoxifying pre-breathing of the body
Nasal cleansing bath
Buddhist and Taoist breathing
Five Gates Breathing
, Pulsing and spiralling breath
& Dragon breathing in Tantienchikung
Packing Breathing in the Iron Shirt
& Skin breathing
& Aura breathing
Light Body Protection and Transport

The course is designed for advanced graduates of UHT Tao, as well as for beginners. The goal of the course is to strengthen the element of metal and the breathing system in the Fall. Such an autumn detoxification of the lungs will increase their capacity and regenerate the alveoli. It is also the goal to gradually move through breathing techniques into breathing using Tantien pulsation - embryonic immortal breathing.

18 00 - 20 00 TCM theory of the lungs and breathing
                     Nasal bath, abdominal, reverse and embryonic breathing
15:00 - 17:00 Iron Shirt Packing Breathing
Iron Shirt Bone Breathing
17:00 - 18:00 Break

18 00 - 20 00 Spatial breathing, Breathing into the nervous system
                      Gateway breathing and pulsation
14:00 - 17:00
Tantiechikung Breath of Dragon, Tiger Empty force theory and practice
Skin Breathing & Iron Shirt Positions packing qi & breathing into the bones   
17:00 - 18:00 Break
18 00 - 20 00 Breathing into the skin breathing with the whole body, aura
                      Creating a light body.

Registration for Tao of Breath courses  Fall & Winter 2022.
After receiving the amount you will be fully registrated and will get confirmation.
You will get zoom link and schedule.

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