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Dear Friend of Tao,

Welcome on TAO 15 WATER LIFE on-line course of Healing love....practise & knowledge we start on Wednesday 04th November 2020

Cultivation of essence (water of life) is core practise of Inner Alchemy. Learn to integrate this cultivation in daily practise, take care of your life force and also Universe will take care of you. We need to follow the knowledge & wisdom of taoist immortals. Lets learn how to do the daily practise of self cultivation for our spiritual development, protection, imunity and energy.

on Tao way of Life I offer for all adepts
guiding course  TAO 15 WATER LIFE

In 15 days of practise  
the essence of H
ealing love cultivation

during 5 weeks period
From Wednesday - till Friday

GMTime London 10 0011 00 Healing love
essence of single cultivation for man/woman
(Wednesday - Thursday - Friday)
In 15 days you integrate Practice & knowledge
of Healing love single cultivation

Prerequisities: 10 hours od Basics
Registration & payments:
Course price for 15 water life lectures 150€ (15 hours)
Important dates:
From 04th November - till 04th December 2020 (5 weeks)
Participant will have recorded meetings during whole period.
We will use Zoom platform.
In course fee is involved:

  • Explanation of Healing love topics

  • Practise of Healing love technics

  • Sharing experiencies, questions & answears

  • Ebooklet of Healing love I,II

  • 15 credited hours in passport signed by senior instructor Julius  

Registrations: by email slovakia@taojoga.sk
or WhatsApp +421 905 253 978
Name of bank account:
Mgr, Július Masarovič - LIEČIVÁ TAO ALCHÝMIA
Address Vilová 9, 851 01 Bratislava
Number of account: 262 581 8442 Code of bank 1100 – Tatrabanka

For international banking transfer payment:
IBAN SK43 1100 0000 0026 2581 8442 BIC (SWIFT) TATRSKBX

If any questions, just contact me,
thanks for sharing with your friends with your recommendation

Looking forward

Julius Masarovic
Senior Instructor of Universal Healing Tao
Member of Council of 9
Country coordinator of Slovakia
WEBSIDE: www.taojoga.sk

SKYPE: Julius.slovakia
PHONE: ++421 905 253 978

ZOOM platforme

Excercises & Teachings with
UHT Senior Instructor
Julius Masarovic   

Picture from Healing love retreat 2019

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